Salutations!. Welcome to your new campaign! I want you all to enjoy yourselves and ask any question—-there are no stupid questions at this point. We are playing by FUDGE rules and it’ll take some time to get into and used to. Enjoy.

The world you enter is very much like the one you just left. For some of your characters they don’t know what happened only that they’re not all the way dead. As a disembodied spirit you will want to find a body and quick which you do. The meeting place where all come together is a Pub/Tavern, The Iron Pig. The food is good, cheap, and plentiful. Too bad for you all that you’re as penniless as a Penitent Monk. Fear not! Your faithful GM will not leave you in the lurch (hee hee).

The Characters will be for the taking and you’ll have your choice or you’ll make your own, your choice. In fact, you’ll have somany choices that you’ll positively go crazy!

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After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.